Prince George’s County School System Enhancing Security

The Prince George’s County, Md. public school system is adding more security, including the installation of electronic safety devices at all schools and the regular practice of emergency protocols.

According to The (Gaithersburg, Md.) Gazette, Director of Security Michael Blow said the school system plans on investing $7.5 million of various devices including surveillance cameras, electronic entry and panic buttons, and a system for alerting authorities in an emergency situation for its 205 facilities.

Approximately 150 public schools in Prince George’s County have surveillance cameras already installed, but a quarter of the schools still do not have any.

Although the plan is to have these devices and security implemented in all Prince George’s County Public Schools, some installations may take longer than others due to the size and layout of the school. The installations of the devices started on Aug. 1, with all improvements expected to be complete at the end of this school year.

Quarterly lockdown drills will also be conducted at the schools to make sure students and faculty have a basic understanding of procedures and knows the appropriate actions to take if an incident occurs.

School systems around the country have increased security following the December shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school, in which twenty-six children and six adults were killed in Newton, Conn. At the time of the shooting, 700 students were inside of the school.

High Point High School in Beltsville, Md. participated in an active shooter drill on July 19 to help the students and staff familiarize themselves with safety procedures.

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