Largo Lions (1A) Football Preview 2017

2017 Schedule
vs. Central
vs. Perryville
at Fairmont Heights
at Frederick Douglass
vs. Bladensburg
at Charles H. Flowers
vs. Suitland
at Northwestern
vs. Gwynn Park
vs. Friendly
Coach: Derron Thomas (5)
Last year’s record: 6-4
Returning offensive starters: 4
Returning defensive starters: 4
Likely toughest opponent: Gwynn Park
Offensive strengths:Wide receivers and running backs
Offensive weaknesses: Experience
Defensive strengths: Linebackers
Defensive weaknesses: Experience

Offensive Outlook: With his speed and elusiveness, senior running back Tavi Jalloh will be a focal point of this year’s offense. He can avoid tackles and make it down the field before defenders can catch him. Senior wide re- ceiver Aaron Hackett will also be a big part of the offense. He has great hands, speed and can run routes well. He shines at catching the deep ball and avoid tackles with his elusive juke moves. Senior guard Brandon Thompson will be the man up front opening holes for Jalloh and providing pass protection so Hackett can have time to run routes and catch the ball. He will also be responsible for making pre-snap protection calls.

Defensive Outlook: On de- fense, senior linebacker Jayvon Johnson’s tackling can stop players in their tracks. He has the strength that players just cannot break through. Right beside him at linebacker is senior Kaleb Washington. Washington can break through the line and get into the backfield quickly. That will put pressure on the opposing of- fenses and possibly create turnovers. Senior free safety Nnamdi Ekeagwu plays the field well and can be a key factor on deep throws down the field. He can also cover well and also does a great job of tackling.
Coach’s Quote: “Our goal is a state championship. We have high expectations and a young team. We were hit hard by gradua- tion, but we want our fans to come out and support us. We look to puta good product out on the field. We are disciplined and an exciting football team.” – Derron Thomas
Scouting Report: Jalloh could have a great year on the ground with several players de- parting from last season. He could run for over 600 yards depending on how many carries he gets.
Breakaway Potential: The Lions lost a couple of key players on offense, so it will be interest- ing to see how Thomas works with his new talent. The schedule is not favorable for the Lions, but they can have a decent season. It may be hard for them to go far in the playoffs, but they have a team that could quietly make some noise.

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