Bowie State University: 2018 Black and Gold Spring Game

BOWIE – Cherry Blossoms are not the only things blooming this spring as Bowie State University’s young talent was on display during the annual spring game at Bulldog Stadium in Bowie on April 21.

The Bulldogs had a 9-2 overall record last season and looked to capitalize off of that strong play from last year.

The Black team squared off against the Gold squad with the usual season starters mixed in between both units. Starting quarterback Amir Hall led the first drive of the game for the Black team, but as he played with unfamiliar teammates, it did not go as planned.

Hall’s first three passes were incompletions, due to dropped passes or well-played defense by the Gold team. The first drive the was story of the game for the Black team as they continued to drop passes for the rest of the contest. Hall only completed nine of his 25 passes. He finished with 120 total yards and played the entire game, but his team came up short and lost. Although his team did not win, he thought the team played well.

“I thought the Black squad started off a little slow, but we picked it up,” Hall said. “I’m building with a lot of new guys, guys that I haven’t played with before in big games. To see those guys, go out there and compete and give a lot of effort, I’m proud of them, and I am proud of everybody and what they were able to do for both sides.

“I want us to go undefeated, win a conference championship and win a national championship. To get there, I need to make better accurate throws, we got to make tough catches, we got to be smarter, and the offense had a lot of false starts. Overall, we need to work hard and need to keep picking each other up. Other than that, I think we are ready to rock.”

As for the winning Gold team, backup quarterback Gastson Cooper played exceptionally well. He threw the only two touchdowns of the entire game. His first one was a beautiful 55-yard pass down the sideline to wide receiver Lansana Sesay in the first half. The second touchdown came in the final quarter with a 40-yard bomb for the final score of the game. Although both teams seemed a little rusty early on, both sides played well and looked ready for the upcoming season.

“I think on both sides of the ball we competed and we had an opportunity to have two different teams that played well,” Bowie State University Head Coach Damon Wilson said. “Some guys took advantage of the reps, and some guys did not. I saw some guys that I did not expect to see today shine, which is good.

“That’s what spring is all about for me. I want guys to get a foundation of the program, and I understand what we have coming in from a freshman standpoint as well as transfers. So, once we sit down and put everything together, I think we have a very good team come August.”

The Bulldogs will open up their season on Aug. 30 in New York against Wagner College. They only have three home games this season with the first on Sept. 29.

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