The Golden Lion Tamarin Roars for Help



The Golden Lion Tamarin is an endangered species that very few people know about.

The Golden Lion Tamarin is a species that is all about family.  They are very unique in the way they raise their young.  They are usually born in sets of twins and as the mother nurses them, the father carries the load literally by hauling them on their back in between the mother feeding them.

The things that makes them one of the most appealing felines in the world, is their fascinating golden hair.  The combination of the gold hair with the black face is what makes the them so attractive.

“They are so cute and they have really nice looking tails,” Shaylin Wallace, 20, said after a  trip to the Smithsonian National Zoo.  “Thats what made me attracted to them.”

In the 1970s, there was only about 200 of them in the entire world.  However, through research and conservation, there about 3200, although there number could be extinct over the next few years.

They have become endangered through the loss of habitat and the evaporation of rain forests in Brazil’s Atlantic Coasts.

Planting trees and replanting native forests is a way to help the tamarin not disappear for good.  There are also reforestation projects to restore river banks and wildlife habitats in South America.

“I think it is so sad about what is going on with them,” Sabrya Cruz, 20, said.  “That’s what I think they should do more to help them so they all won’t be gone.”













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