The moment NBA fans have been waiting for is finally here; the release of the 2018-19 schedule for the upcoming season.  With opening night around the corner on October 16, here are some games that you don’t want to miss:

February 22: Spurs at Raptors, 7 PM ET.  DeMar DeRozan had this game circled since the schedule came out.  He was blindsided by Toronto’s management and on this night he will get this revenge.  This is a must watch game as he may go off for 50.  

January 3: Raptors at Spurs, 8 PM ET.  After helping them to multiple successful season, Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green return to San Antonio as the opposing team.  

November 21: Lakers at Cavaliers, 8 PM ET.  LeBron returns to the O…..again.  

October 31: Pelicans at Warriors, 1030 PM ET.  DeMarcus Cousins will face his former team after joining a super team and making them basically unbeatable. 

January 14:  Hornets at Spurs, 830 PM ET.  Tony Parker returns to San Antonio as visitor for first time in his career.

November 8: Rockets at Thunder, 8 PM ET.  Its time for Carmelo Anthony to show that last season was a fluke and that he is still a offensive threat.  

March 18: Nuggets at Boston, 730PM ET.  Since his MVP type run in Boston, Isaiah Thomas is now with his second team in two years.  What better game to prove he’s still a threat then against the team that did him dirty.  

November 30: Hawks at Thunder, 8 PM ET.  After the Hawks called Dennis Schroder their future and basically franchise player, they gave him away for the younger Trae Young.  Lets see how Young plays against the combination of Westbrook and Schroder and if the Hawks made the right move.  

February 22: Wizards at Hornets, 7 PM ET.  Dwight Howard faces old team with something to prove.

November 16: Bulls at Bucks, 930 PM ET.  After injury-filled seasons in Milwaukee, Jabari Parker returns with hometown team to show he can still ball.  

December 20: Mavericks at Clippers, 730 PM ET.  After signing with the Mavericks for real this time, DeAndre Jordan returns to Los Angeles.  

October 28: Wizards at Clippers, 930 PM ET.  After some tension the last couple seasons in the locker room, let’s see how the Wizards play without Gortat.  Austin Rivers will also like to prove he doesn’t need his father to be successful. 

December 21: Pelicans at Lakers, 1030 PM ET.  The Lakers decided to part ways with Julius Randle.  This is a chance to show them they made a mistake.  

November 15: Warriors/Rockets, 8 PM ET.  The Rockets were up 3-2 in the Western Conference before Chris Paul went down with an injury.  The Warriors on the next two games and went on to win the back-to-back championships.  With the Warriors adding DeMarcus Cousins and the Rockets adding Carmelo Anthony, which team has the upper hand now??  

February 7: Lakers/Celtics, 8 PM ET.  The Lakers/Celtics rivalry is back.













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